Infertility & Loss Support

You are not alone.

Be Known in Your Pain.


Often women facing infertility and loss feel like they need to carry the burden alone or minimize its impact on their lives. There are many stages to grief.  Know that you are loved right where you are.  

Whether you are grieving the longing you have for a positive pregnancy test or deeply missing the little one you said good-bye to too soon, you deserve a safe space to process it all.  

Loss is painful. You need time to grieve. You need a community of people to grieve alongside you. You don’t have to shoulder this burden alone. 

If you are local to Fort Wayne, join our Infertility or Loss Support Group to be known in your pain and connect with other women and couples dealing with the same struggles.

Although this may not be the story you’d hoped to write, this is not the ending. Hope and healing is available through Christ and in fellowship with others.

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Loss Support Group

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