OurĀ Approach to Counseling

Lets find your healing path

Sometimes our emotions feel overwhelming

Anger, Anxiety, Sadness or Disappointment can leave us feeling mentally & physically exhausted.

As a believer, it can feel like we just want God to take it all away.

Or perhaps, we sense the pressure to try harder or do better.

Yet, emotions are not the problem.

Emotions are messengers.

The messages of overwhelm are really

telling a story

of what is going on inside of you:

  1. The thoughts running through your mind
  2. The needs of your physical body
  3. The core beliefs housed in your spirit

Yet, the western approach to wellness is so compartmentalized that we often do not connect the dots.

If we’re sick, we go to a doctor.

If we’re struggling mentally, we see a counselor.

If we have doubts spiritually, we seek a church leader.

As a holistic Christian Counselor, I believe God created you to be interconnected.  You are made in His image.  Just as the Father, Son & Holy Spirit operate as one, so does your mind, body & spirit in a healthy state.  

I can no longer help clients in a vacuum of mental health because I know, from my professional & personal experience, that God’s designed us for wholeness.  As we learn from the messages being conveyed through our emotions, we are better able to process it in order to return to a state of inner peace and true connection: within, with others & with God.

This is why I created the Life Interconnected Approach to wellness.  Integrating psychology, physiology and biblical principles, I aim to provide a life-changing framework for inner healing and lasting change. 

What is Life Interconnected?

Life Interconnected is a holistic & faith-based approach to mental, physical & spiritual health. I believe that God designed the three parts of our being (mind, body & spirit) to connect and operate in harmony. With a master's degree in Christian Counseling, certification in Integrative Mental Health and passion for neuroscience , I am integrative in my practice by considering multiple factors that may affect your thought-life and emotions.   

As a Christian Counselor, my primary approach includes pastoral counseling with the incorporation of techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy, internal family systems and inner-healing prayer. I am not a licensed mental health counselor. As a faith-based practitioner, my desire is to be led by the Holy Spirit and create a personalized healing path for each individual. My diverse professional background and range of experiences give me a well-rounded perspective for helping the whole person.

Learn more about Amber's story here

Katie H.

Before I met Amber, I felt gripped by anger and depression.I knew I needed help. The first counselor I met with wasn't helping me get to the root of my emotions. When I spoke with Amber, she reassured me that just because I felt anger didn't mean I had an anger management problem.  She is helping me get to the root cause of my feelings. Amber always validates how I feel and asks questions that help me get to know myself better while at the same time drawing me closer to God. I feel emotionally and spiritually refreshed after every session.