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Hey! I’m Amber! 

Are you ready for deep healing & inner transformation through

 integrative counseling?


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It’s so hard not feeling like yourself!  


Going through life mentally exhausted & emotionally drained prevents you from enjoying your current season.

Being overwhelmed by anxiety, fear, anger or disappointment can leave you feeling isolated & discouraged.

There is HOPE. You were created for peace & joy.

However, it’s not just your thoughts & emotions holding you back.

Talk to someone who understands the whole picture. 

Discover how God designed your

mental, physical & spiritual health

 to be interconnected.

Renew Your Mind

Manage your thought life to cultivate inner peace.

Nourish Your Body

Reprioritize self-care to restore energy & motivation.

Fuel Your Spirit

Strengthen your faith & connection with God.


This is what I need!
We've been there! 

Hi there, I'm Amber!

Amber Todd, Christian Counselor

I get it!. Shortly after the birth of our second child, I felt completely depleted, like a shell of myself. I was exhausted and struggling in motherhood. I often felt angry and overwhelmed, which led to conflict in our marriage. Messages of shame ran through my head, telling me that I should just do better or try harder. I cried out to God and yet tried so hard to fix myself.  It wasn't working and I needed a mindset shift.

Instead of pushing harder, I eventually chose to slow down and invest in my mental, physical and spiritual health. God started teaching me how it was all connected. I began the journey of intentionally renewing my mind, taking better care of my body and growing deeper in my relationship with God. I started experiencing joy again and my thought-life became more peaceful.

Originally a pre-med major, my holistic & faith-based approach, called Life Interconnected, integrates psychology, physiology and biblical principles to provide a life-changing framework for inner healing and lasting change. It's time to heal the pain, recover from the exhaustion, overcome your overwhelm and get back to enjoying your beautiful life!  I believe you're ready to feel like the true you again.

You can overcome overwhelm too. The invitation is open.

Come join me. 

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How can Amber support you?

How can Amber support you?

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I always look forward to my meetings with Amber because I know I will walk away feeling peaceful, empowered, and LOVED.  She is an excellent listener and asks questions that make you dig deep in a way that is kind, yet honest.  Her guidance is challenging, yet caring. She has helped me to see myself the way that God sees me.

- Paige L.                           

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