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Hi!  I'm Amber...

Born in Bloomington, IN, I am a Hoosier girl at heart (if you know, you know).  Living nearby campus, I enjoyed all of the unique opportunities to learn from my grandfather, who was a graduate Psychology professor at Indiana University (IU).  In fact, James Knowlton pioneered the integration of technology & education as a cofounder of the IU School of Informatics.  Taking after him, I am a teacher and life long learner, always seeking out opportunities to learn and grow.

Originally a pre-med student, I have always been fascinated by how the human body works and dreamed of being a pediatrician as a little girl.  It was during my freshman year at IU when I really understood the Gospel for the first time and that God created me for relationship with Him.  I intended to help people physically, yet as I grew in my faith, I felt drawn to helping others mentally & spiritually. Changing my major to Human Development & Family Studies (with minors in Psychology & Sociology), I started down the path toward becoming a counselor.

Following graduation from IU, I began my career serving in the Teach for America program in inner-city Charlotte, North Carolina. I believe I learned just as much from my students as they learned from me.  One of the greatest lessons during that time was the importance of persevering through adversity, maintaining a humble & teachable heart as God often spoke to me in the hidden place of serving without expectation.  

Then I worked in crisis response as a victim advocate, often stepping into very difficult and traumatic situations to provide a safe and supportive presence throughout the criminal justice process.  By collaborating with police officers, social workers and the district attorney's office, Amber gained a well-rounded approach to advocacy.  This ultimately revealed my desire to help people receive the treatment and care they deserve. 

While studying for my Master’s degree in Christian Counseling at Cairn University, I served as a college advisor, offering life coaching and career guidance to our students and presented several leadership seminars within the higher education setting.  This experience lit a passion for helping others find fulfillment and direction in life.  My master's thesis was about discovering the gifts God has put inside of you to fully embrace your purpose in Him. 

A few years later, I took on my most favorite role. I became a mom.  I had the privilege of staying home with our children during the first five years after we moved back to Fort Wayne.  After walking through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum four different times, I grew in ways I never imagined possible.

I learned that motherhood is hard. It is a phase of life we were never meant to live alone. Shortly after the birth of our second child, I felt completely depleted, like a shell of myself. I was exhausted and struggling in motherhood. I often felt angry and overwhelmed. Messages of shame ran through my head, telling me that I should just do better or try harder. 

Over time, I realized that it's not always that easy. Instead of pushing harder, I chose to slow down and intentionally invest in my mental, physical and spiritual health. I was able to renew my mind, take care of my body and nourish my relationship with God as I leaned into the community around me.

This is my tribe.  Met my husband, Nate, and our 4 incredible little humans: Emma (7), Ruby (5), Deacon (3) and Jonathan (1).  They are my greatest teachers and the most important work I will ever do, happens in the walls of our home.  My family is my inspiration for walking alongside others because I know that every season of life is a precious gift from God and He wants us to experience His nearness in the midst fo it.  

Now that I’ve overcome my emotional overwhelm, I can enjoy my life again and live out my God-given purpose. I want to help you do the same. It would be my honor to guide you on your own journey to overcome emotional overwhelm and seek inner peace.