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Men's 1-1 coaching

My Man...

What if you could experience your full emotional self?


Unlocking boundless energy & clarity. Saying goodbye to emotionally detached life. Connecting deeply with yourself and others for genuine fulfillment.


What if you could...


1. Rewrite your Narrative

Identify and release limiting patterns from the past, allowing for new narratives that support your present self and heart's mission.

2. Harness emotional energy

Process emotions effectively to experience vibrant energy levels and be fully present in all of lifes beautiful and challenging moments.

3. Strengthen Intimacy

Use intentional play and emotional vulnerability to foster deeper intimacy in both personal and professional relationships.

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I'm Nathan, Your Guide


After leading others for 13 years God asked me to completely stop teaching & leading, to focus on learning how to die quietly. I've been on that journey – for the past 7 years – exploring my own emotional landscape, discovering the power of Divine love within. Awakening to simple but momentous ways of Divine embodiment. It's been profound, my friend, and now, my heart is set on empowering you to awaken that same clarity within yourself, to walk as the open-hearted man you were meant to be. No longer waiting, but living HERE and NOW!

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1-1 Coaching

Experience personalized support with 1-1 coaching. Nate offers insights, strategies, and unwavering guidance tailored to you, empowering your unique heart.

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