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Somatic Breathwork & Coaching


Let's BREAK FREE from disconnect, burnout and overwhelm!


Unlocking the transformative power of breath for boundless growth & vitality. Saying goodbye to a detached life. Somatic Breathwork can unlock the places that feel stuck & propel you into the next layer of a LIFE INTERCONNECTED.  


What if you could...


1. Rewrite your Narrative

Identify and release limiting patterns, allowing for new narratives that support your  heart's mission. Connecting you back to your innate intelligence, one breath at a time.

2. Harness emotional energy

Process emotions beautifully to experience vibrant energy levels and be fully present in all of lifes beautiful and challenging moments.

3. Strengthen Intimacy

Everything is already within us to live a fulfilling and peaceful life and our breath shows us the way. 

Nice to meet you

I'm Nate, Coach+ SomatIQ Breathwork Practitioner

Soma+IQ Approach is to reconnect our mind (psyche) back to the body (soma) in order to 1) Restore Connection: Restore our sense of aliveness and connection with self and others. 2) Express with Embodiment: Express ourselves with more confidence, authenticity and embodiment. 3) Activate Purpose: Tap into our unique truth, purpose and clear intention.  Your nervous system is the electrical network of your being. Over time, unresolved trauma or chronic stress causes dysregulation of this network. When dysregulated, difficulties in your personal or professional life may arise. When you heal trauma and stress, you heal the electrical network of your nervous system. When you heal the nervous system, you heal the emotional self so your authentic self can emerge. Soma+IQ Breathwork is an embodiment experience. Allowing you to heal at a cellular level. It takes you out of your thinking mind and into your body's electrical network. Awakening you back to your Divine design. Giving you the ability to show up in ways you've always hoped were possible. Schedule a 1-1 SomatIQ Breathwork session or join one of my monthly SomatIQ Breathwork Group experiences to awaken to your full potential, your true essence embodied.

I'm in, Nate!

Somatic Breathwork Group Experience

Join one of my monthly SomatIQ Breathwork Group experiences to awaken to your full potential, your true essence embodied. This 2 hour group experience is one of the most sacred and beautiful experiences you will ever have. This is not an understatement. If you feel called, sign up immediately as spots are limited.

My hearts ready!

1-1 Coaching

Experience personalized support with 1-1 coaching. The 60 min meeting with Nate offers a blend of Somatic/Embodiment/Breath techniques that awaken your soul. These practices, insights, strategies, and unwavering guidance are tailored to you, empowering your unique design. *Strong suggestion* book a coaching session post a SomatIQ Breathwork journey. In order to best support you and your integration.

I'm ready for coaching!

1-1 Somatic Breathwork

Experience personalized support with 1-1 SomatIQ Breathwork session. Nate will guide you through this 90 min meeting of powerful healing, release & breakthrough! Nate can meet either in-person or virtually. Both are equally and uniquely powerful.

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Somatic Breathwork Group Experience  

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